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After deciding to study abroad, I knew that there is NO WAY I'm alone...

So, let's get started!

about me
Hello, my name is Ash!
– Future Vet

Who am I?

I am Canadian student studying veterinary medicine abroad in Zagreb, Croatia. It wasn’t until after I had earned a couple degrees that I realized I wanted to become a veterinarian. 

After being refused admission to the veterinary college in my home province of Ontario, Canada – I was determined to study abroad.

The goal for this website is to serve as a resource to future students who may also have to deviate from the “normal” path to a vet med degree. I’m here to share my experience and hopefully make your experience a little less daunting.

large animal vet

Why Vet Med?

I am 100% committed to whatever I set my sights on  especially if that involves getting dirty. Combine that with a curiosity for science and passion for animals and you have yourself one eager veterinarian! 

The road to vet med is long, but I don’t expect it to be so grueling. I really do enjoy what I’m learning and that’s half the battle with this profession. There will be many late nights and early mornings, but this is where my interests lie.

I plan on becoming a Large Animal Veterinarian where I can be challenged by both the animals and unpredictable weather conditions.

It’s my dream to tour the world with a mobile clinic and take care of as many animals as possible.

Thanks for the groceries 🙂



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