Introducing: Case Studies

Real animals. Real cases.

We’ve started a new section on this website that we are pumped about!

Here, you’ll find easy-to-read case studies that give you a glimpse of the vet life, and some answers to your common questions.

While I’m not a veterinarian just yet, I HAVE BEEN ACTIVE in the field for several years. This puts me in a great position to offer some insight.

These posts are meant to be informative and provide concise answers to your questions. 

If there are any topics you want covered, send me a message by clicking here!

The floor is yours – ask us your questions.

*We at Vetabroad always recommend patients to seek out a local veterinarian if you are concerned about any health issues in your pets. Our aim for this blog is only to provide information and encourage you to check with medical professionals about any procedure or treatment that you see.

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