Studying abroad? Then you need this blog.

When I first considered going abroad to study vet med, I had to do tons of research. And now that the research is done, I want to help future students. Where do I go? How do I pay for it? Can I return home and practice afterwards? All huge questions, with (relatively) simple answers.

  1. Become Informed.

It was so difficult for me to relate with much of the information out there. A lot of people go abroad, but how do they do it? There are forums, but the content can be scattered. There are blogs, but the majority are journal oriented. That’s where Vet Abroad chimes in. A resource for future students going abroad that’s a bit more focused and a tad more put together.

2. Different Perspectives.

There are many (and I mean many) different ways to take on a vet med career abroad. Sometimes it’s just easier if somebody had already gone through the process and provide an example for others to go by. Here, you’ll find a series of blog posts highlighting the decisions and perspectives that lead different students to go abroad and study vet med (we are currently working on this and will keep you updated soon!).

3. Content. Here forever!

Life is busy and this is a great way to put “pen to paper”. From daily tasks to major experiences, I will write about them and give you an idea of what life abroad may be like for you. Good thing is that this website isn’t some loose scrap of paper, it will always be here.


We do the research, so you can make informed decisions.

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