Where are YOU from?

The main question getting tossed around is…

“Where are you from?”

Literally Everyone

Whether it’s the professors asking the students, or us students asking each other, everybody is curious where we call Home.

We are the 5th generation of students in the English-taught program, and every year has brought a different distribution of students from different parts of the world.

BUT we are all here to study abroad in Zagreb, and with that, we bring a little piece of our home.

Our students have come from 3 different continents! SO many nationalities. SO much to learn!

Also, we definitely have students in upper years from every single continent that are attending the University of Zagreb’s Veterinary Program.

Actually, I lied.

We are still waiting for a student to attend from Antarctica.

Class of 2026

Just look at that diversity! The more colourful the map, the prettier it gets.

Distribution of Student’s

One thing is for sure. We have a lot of student’s representing different parts of the world.

A second thing is for sure. The French students are big fans of Croatia.

The numbers don’t lie.

France has the largest slice of the pizza (p<0.001).
I didn’t actually run any statistics πŸ˜‰

The Benefit of a Multicultural Student Body

I touched on this earlier, but I’ll touch on it again. So much of what we learn comes from others. The way we do things. The way we present ourselves. The languages we speak. The way we solve problems.

We may go to school to learn (officially), but we are constantly learning from those around us and we might not even know it!

Apart from all the learning experiences that are bound to come your way, this multicultural and growing community that we are building as international students studying abroad allows us to network with students from all around the world.

Who is to say what the future may hold, but having friends in all parts of the world is ALWAYS a good thing.

One day I might decide that I need a change. I can’t predict what that change may be, but let’s just say that I wanted to switch continents and practice vet med in Germany, France, Sweden, or Japan. That is a very realistic option and may be only a text message away.

Just the thought of that makes me πŸ˜€.

Considering making the leap and studying abroad?

Leave a comment and let me know where you’re from!

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